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We are a boutique human capital consulting firm specializing in
senior level executive search.

Our expertise spans more than twenty market sectors with a primary focus on CPG, retail, professional services, financial services, technology and healthcare.

From Manager to CEO and every title in between 

We FIND highly-qualified executives in Director-level roles and above with companies of all sizes.

For larger companies, we also source Manager-level executives. 

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Information / Technology Officer

President / Division President

Vice President / Director of Operations

Vice President / Director of Human Resources

Vice President / Director of Marketing

Vice President / Director of Sales/Business Development

Top Executives exclusively referred by CWW

So... you posted a job and received some applications... ok, you received 300 applications... oh, wait hit refresh, it's now 400. Anyone qualified? Maybe, but do you even have time to sort and interview all of those people? Of course not.

What if we can send you a few really well qualified people... already sorted. Personal referrals. Great people who we already know will hit the ground running and impact your business.

Can't argue with data...

  • More than 40% of all hires are made through referrals and networking.

  • 88% of employers said that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants. 

  • Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire, compared with employees sourced through career sites.

  • After two years, retention of referred employees is 45% compared to 20% from job boards.

  • Referred candidates are more likely to accept your job offer by a statistically significant 2.6–6.6 percent.

Let's talk and we can show you the value we bring with our professional network.

The Process

We are all about SIMPLE.

We are also all about making your life easier.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. We receive a job requisition

  2. We create a summary of the position (or use our partner's summary) and talk briefly with the client or the partner search firm about the logistics

  3. Potential candidates are identified from our database as well as our network

  4. Candidates are interviewed, vetted and matched against the client's exact need

  5. The candidate is scored based on their background and the client's need

  6. Introductions are made between the high-scoring candidates and the company

  7. Company hires their new executive

  8. Everyone celebrates the Clear Win Win!